What's up with our blowouts?

Sorry, no more BLOWOUTS!

LARK is no longer offering blowouts!

Like so many other businesses these days, we are refining our focus.

If you are interested in making LARK your home for Color and Cut, book your LARK New Client Experience HERE!

Since 2013, we have loved getting thousands of women ready for all kinds of special occasions! Shortly after opening as Omaha's first blowdry bar, we added more services.

colors, cuts, nails, lashes!

And now we are focused on doing one thing really well:



To help women discover, embrace and express their beauty through hair cuts and color!


What if you could find a salon that tells it like it is?

Tells you the truth of what would make your hair beautiful. And is straightforward with timing and pricing. Welcome to LARK Salon