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Have you ever heard the saying:

“If you hang out with me long enough, 

I will brainwash you into believing in yourself

And knowing you can achieve anything.”


That’s me. I’m Kylee Terrano.

I love people and I love seeing the people around me achieve their goals. 

In fact, I almost enjoy seeing people achieve their goals, more than my own.


So what does that have to do with hair?

Once you and I know EXACTLY what we want to do with your hair, 

I will formulate a plan to get you that dream hair.

Not just for one appointment, but for beautiful hair for your everyday life.


Want to grow your hair out?

You better believe that I’m going to take every precaution to protect your hair and give you a step by step home hair care regimen so your long hair is soft and luxurious.


Want the brightest blonde ever?
I won’t rest until we find all of the right highlight/lowlight combo so your color POPS!


A little bit about me personally,

I’m originally from Lincoln and I’ve been in Omaha since graduating from Cosmetology School in 2021. In fact, Omaha almost feels more like home now!


I’m a scary movie junkie and I love my cat named Munchie!


I can’t wait to have you in my chair so we can unlock your greatest potential!

I’m your next biggest fan!