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I'm Megan Dempsey and I'm a Dimensional Colorist.

​I specialize in techniques that build on the natural beauty of your hair and bring little something extra to it!

Here are the things I want people to know about being in my chair:

  1. I will not go forward with any service until I am confident that I understand EXACTLY what you want.

  2. Consistency and details matter to me. I want you to love your hair every time you come to see me AND I want you to love in between services.

  3. How your hair works for YOUR life is key.

As far as me personally, I'm originally from Maryland. My husband and I moved to Nebraska in 2020 to be near his family. 

I’m also the Head of LARK’s Education Program, which is a 12 week intensive where we launch new stylists into a successful career they love. If you are a stylist looking to find a new home, send me an email:

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