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Business at the Speed of Light

Have you noticed how quickly business is changing?

You can get groceries delivered within hours. Someone will come to your house and put the groceries in your fridge in some cities.... what the heck?

Have you ever stopped to think about how our industry is changing?

Clients are getting more savvy in some ways. They don't even hide the fact that they are looking on Amazon as you recommend hair care regimens. Face palm.

Here is the career path that a lot of people were taught in school.

Go assist at a big salon. Soak in all of the knowledge. Build your clientele for a few years. And then if you are really good you can like sneak your client's info and move to a booth rental or suite rental situation.

I am not a big fan of sneaking anything. I'm a big fan of openness and honesty.

Here is an honest statistic for you. 5% of licensed cosmetologists won't be doing hair in 5 years. That is insane. This stat is thrown around like candy and I can't find a source on it. But let's just be generous and assume it's 25%. So one person out of four that you are doing hair with now, won't be doing it five years from now!

I sure as hell hope you didn't bust your butt at school just to give up 5 years in and to go take a desk job to pay off those loans.

So what is the difference between those who make it and those who don't?


Do you see yourself as a Stylist or as a business person?

Do you see yourself as an employee wanting to clock in and out at J-O-B?

Here are some broken mindsets:

I hate reading.

I suck at math.

I'm just not good at social media.

I don't do hair as good as that person.

Hairstylists in my area just can't charge enough.

I'm not outgoing enough. I don't want to go pass out my cards to people.

I'm too outgoing and loud.

I'm poor. I will never pay this debt off.

Do you recognize yourself in that list? Let's do something different, Friend.

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