Did you know the average consultation is only 3 - 7 minutes?

And the average bad haircut can take 2 or more years to grow out?

That is a major disconnect since most "bad haircuts or colors" comes down to one thing:

A Simple Miscommunication.

So welcome to the LARK Experience.

Our consultations are thorough.

We want you to feel:


  • For the first 10 - 15 minutes of the appointment, we listen and ask you questions

  • Next we are going to get you back to the shampoo bowl and apply one of our DETOX Treatments.

  • Then we do a REBUILD Treatment because we all want SHINY, HEALTHY, STRONG hair!

  • Then we blowdry your hair. By doing a quick blowout, that allows us to get under the hood and fully understand exactly what is going on with your hair.

From there we can finally give you our professional opinion on:

  1. What is the current state of your hair?

  2. What is really working for your hair?

  3. What CORRECTION does your hair need: Is the cut off, is there a problem with your color.

  4. Finally we will give you our suggestions about where to take your hair next.

From there we will give your Signature Hair Plan.

We are thrilled to bring a whole new level of service to you.

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