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Detox Treatments

Why do we feel so strongly about detoxing your hair before we start your chemical services?

Two words: Hard. Water.

Have you ever had to fight deposits in your shower?

Guess where else those deposits end up? On our skin and our hair.

Those are mineral and metal deposits that leave your hair

dull, brittle and dry feeling.

Worse yet, those deposits can have a reaction with the chemicals salons use.

So we like to think of our Detox and Rebuilding Treatments as an insurance policy to

ensure you get the BEST results from your new color.

After your first detox and rebuild treatment, your hair will already be feeling softer and brighter!

We use a number of in salon treatments depending on your specific hair needs.

All of the detox treatments we use are super gentle.

Even after one Detox Treatment, you will find your hair feeling much softer.

Your hair color will be clearer and brighter!

Ready to get started? BOOK HERE NOW!

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