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"It shouldn't be like this"

"It shouldn't be like this."

When a friend recently told me that she was ready to leave her current salon and she was terrified to tell her boss. It hit me like a ton of bricks - "it just should not be like this."

Oh sure, there is sadness as you close one chapter. And I hope you can express gratitude but then its time to go.

You should not be up at night making yourself sick about what your boss is going to say.

Making a change is hard and you should really think it through. The number one thing is making sure your records are in place because if you think you are going to post on FB and Insta and your clients are just magically going to find you, that's not going to cut it.

So these are the changes we are making at Lark:

Our number one job is to support you so you can take excellent care of your clients. I hope that you are so very, very happy that you wouldn't dream of leaving.

HOWEVER, if you do leave, you will have all of your contact info ready to go. We are now building your complete client books together from the moment you meet a new client.

Am I crazy? No. I just want to treat stylists the way I would want to be treated if I were them.

Salons don't own customers. And neither do stylists. Customers will go wherever they want. So let's work together to give them the BEST experience!

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